Achievement and Innovation Contracting Co.


Safety Policy:

The Management of ACHIEVEMENT AND INNOVATION CONTRACTING CO. is committed to provide a safe and secure work environment to all ACHIEVEMENT AND INNOVATION CONTRACTING CO. employees, who are bound to observe and adhere to this policy. Personal safety and protection of property are the direct responsibility of ACHIEVEMENT AND INNOVATION CONTRACTING CO. employees. Safety Awareness and Loss Prevention program are the means to improve efficient operations to maintain production ratio and international quality standards along with cost-effectiveness. Safety on the job in any given project is our principal motive. No operation is so important that it must be done in a manner which permits undue hazards to personnel or property. Elimination of recognized safety hazards and other potential losses will be given top priority by the concerned Manager. Safety has always stayed as our prime objective. During selection process, ACHIEVEMENT AND INNOVATION CONTRACTING CO. Ltd. will make sure that selected candidates already have enough safety awareness on the job, failing which; appropriate safety orientation and comprehensive training sessions will be organized.