Achievement and Innovation Contracting Co.



Achievement And Innovation provides General Plant and Rotating and Static Equipment maintenance services.
Achievement And Innovation team of professionals have extensive experience serving leading firms achieve a cost effective and time efficient shutdown/turnaround using our process and Maintenance Shutdown Planning.
Periodic maintenance and overhauling play a vital role in effective functioning of the Plant. Achievement And Innovation understands the importance of it and ensures customers get professional services at the right time and at the right place.
We ensure the equipment operate under safe conditions while ensuring optimum uptime.
Our services include Plant modification and revamp works, Columns, Vessels and Tank repairs, Retubing of Heat Exchangers and Condensers, Pipe Cutting and Line Boring, Stud Drilling and Mechanical Support works.

Achievement And Innovation Services include:-

★ Electrical.
★ Mechanical.
★ Fire System.
★ Scaffolding works.

Electrical and Mechanical Works

Electrical works

Achievement And Innovation enjoys a sterling reputation in our business community as a skilled and trusted source for a wide range of services including electrical, mechanical, fire system and scaffolding works. Many have trusted us to build electrical and lighting systems that are efficient to run and maintain. Others ask us to retrofit or upgrade what’s already installed to improve performance.

★ Electrical installation

★ Electrical inspection & testing

★ Electrical repair


Fire Alarm & Fire Fighting Works

Achievement And Innovation takes pride on being a complete fire alarm system. This means our customers can rely on us for their entire fire system requirements.

Fire Alarm Systems includes:

★ MKII Soft & Hard Addressable fire Alarm System.

★ Conventional Fire Alarm Systems.

★ Wireless Fire Alarm Systems.

★ Gas Extinguishing Systems.

★ Standalone Fire Alarm Systems.

★ Domestic Fire Alarms.

★ Detector Test Equipment.

Scaffolding Works

Achievement And Innovation is one of the leading scaffolding contractors. We are well experienced in scaffolding business. We offer to all our clients’ competitive rates together with the highest standard of work.

Our work varies enormously from simple scaffoldings, for a painting a private customer house, up to the largest commercial and industrial scaffold projects. Whenever you need scaffolding hire for decoration, re-decoration, roofing, temporary roofing, industrial tower, Achievement And Innovation provides it for you at the right time.

Mechanical—Rotating Equipment

Overhauling and Inspection of the following types of rotating equipment:

★ Turbines
★ Compressors
★ Pumping & Agitators
★ Gear Boxes